Had everyone round to my house this morning for the official start of our pregnancy term.

Steve, his wife Kate and son Saul turned up first. Steve armed with a bottle of Cava and a nervous grin.

Jonny and family called to say they were running late as there was a half marathon blocking their way to my house. Jonny had considered doing the marathon in his pregnancy suit. Quite sure he is relieved that he had not committed to that now.

I had tried to connect with my wife and son in Singapore but couldn’t get through. Am guessing they were preparing for Chinese New Year.

Got a real sense of being alone on this now as each family rally around their pregnant dads.

I turned in early and attempted to find the sweet spot for a fine nights sleep. I started on my back but the dumbbell inside my pregnant belly slapped against my Cava filled bladder with every move I made.   Can this be what my wife went through? Actually given how busy my little boy is, I suspect this is exactly what she went through. She is a tougher girl than I am.