Just in case you think I have a balloon stuffed up my jumper. The suit is 15kg in weight and according to the instructions given, it is specifically designed to create the following – Abdominal Distention – Pelvic Tilt – Shift in Posture Causing Waddling Gait – Abdominal Aches – Lower Back Stress – Inability to Get Comfortable – Pressure on Bladder, Stomach, & Lungs – Shortness of Breath – Difficulty Rising From Chair or Bed – Increased Breast Size – Rise in Body Temperature – Increased Blood Pressure & Pulse – Fetal Movement – Limited Breathing – Tiredness – What I don’t have is the big doses of progesterone or oestrogen or any of the other side effects associated with pregnancy. I also didn’t get the 8months gradual weight gain or the shiny hair. What I have more of now (after just 4 days) is some understanding of how the everyday things like putting on your socks becomes a monumental task. Mums you are amazing.