Went shopping with my son. It’s pretty brave for a young man of 12 to go out in public with his dad, while his dad is wearing the Bump. I’m very proud of him (that’s my son, not the Bump)

Bought him a basketball for his efforts, and was driven slightly crazy by the eternal bounce, bounce, bounce of said ball. Bump, is turning me into a little bit of a grump.

I did find an absolute pleasure hidden in the morning. Something that I would have normally taken for granted, and it caught me by surprise. I had taken bump off to go for a bath. Can’t tell you how much I love bath time now, but that wasn’t the surprise. On my way to the bathroom my wife gave me a big fat hug. I hadn’t really hugged her for a week without Bump umpiring the whole affair. A proper hug. A delight. It’s amazing, when you take the simple things away, just how much pleasure you find in them when they return.