We ended up in the Mail Online ‘femail’ (that’s not my poor spelling) section. I have just spent a most pleasant hour reading the comments. From…Idiots………………and I am a woman’ to ‘Divorce these 3 wimps immediately ladies please.’ It was the polite plea at the end that tickled me. Then it just got a little strange ‘I cannot accept this. Men should not get pregnant. It is unethical and against the will of God. Who knows what defects the poor unfortunate babies will be born with? When Science tampers with nature like this it is the hand of Satan that guides it.’ Hmm, and then there was this one ‘Men already have roles during pregnancy and after the birth of their children. This is just another example of the anti-male, anti-Fatherhood agenda at work in society nowadays.’ Priceless. Tom may well be onto something with this comment ‘theres a sexual fetish, thats all about pretending to be a pregnant male. So dont try to bloody convince me, these fellows are doing it to be more empathetic.’ But my absolute, made me spit out my tea laughing, favourite ‘Grow some nuts you bunch of plonkers.’ And the final word goes to percy_pecker from Portsmouth ‘My god have some self respect, you are a disgrace to mankind.’ Gold dust.