The media circus in the UK was fun but utterly exhausting. The British public were generally wonderful and full of curiosity to know what on earth we were doing. This is probably because the UK has a long tradition of people making plonkers of themselves (occasionally for a good reason) and society is more forgiving than perhaps a latin country such as Spain. Everywhere we waddled we were approached by some inquisitive person with camera in hand and smile across their face. Still, we can’t let it go to our heads, gotta keep the feet firmly on the ground and focus on getting through the next couple weeks up the birth on Mother’s Day. Whilst we were in London Madonna ‘fell’ off the stage at the Brits. I mean really, the extent some people will go to grab a bit of attention

Member of the public comment of the day came from a mother laden with bags of shopping and 4 children: “If only!”


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