I booked a flight for my mother last night who is coming over to visit me. She feels I need her support during my ‘pregnant ordeal’ especially as my wife and son are away.

I am incredibly lucky to have such a wonderfully kind and loving mother.

I promptly sent the flight itinerary over to her and started to prepare for her arrival.

Out of the blue, a very dark blue since it was close to midnight, I received a call. It was my mum, She calmly suggested that I must be experiencing the genuine effects of pregnancy.

Confused, my response was curt.


She explained that the flight I had booked was from the wrong destination and that it was impossible for take it, she reassured me saying that this was quite normal considering my current state and that I should not be alarmed.


This whole thing is getting out of hand now. I am not really pregnant and whilst it is typical for women to feel ungainly and foggy during pregnancy. I do not.

She is now on a new flight, booked correctly by me, and she will be joining me on Sunday.

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