A question that I am frequently asked by many who have witnessed my expectant belly is: Well what are you going to call it?

‘It’ being the befitting word.

Many suggest that there may be more than one in my sizable oven.

Silly as it may sound we have josselled with a number of affectionate terms from Bump to Lump but they don’t really address the little guy inside.

It is an issue that many mothers to be face and it is a topic that is regularly addressed by the baby forums. They say that babies start off with a clean slate, so what you choose says more about your personality than theirs.

Whilst there are times that I have grown quite attached to this thing that sits in front of me, most of the time I find it an absolute pain.

My initial thought is to call it Morph, however I am open to suggestions.

If anyone has a better name do let me know.

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