Running, biking and kitesurfing, my life sped along at speed and I loved it. Wearing this suit is like driving the handbrake on; it forces you to slow down against your will. Eventually you’re forced to accept it. I now find myself in the house more (socialising and being in public takes a certain frame of mind), so when I’m not working I spend more time with the kids. Leo has started to toddle which according to Mafer is similar to my pregnant waddle. He also utters an incomprehensible babble that resembles what emerges from the bathroom when I suit-up after the shower, but a whole lot sweeter. And he loves to be thrown in the air (apparently it’s good for the development of balance) and you’re instantly rewarded with a burst of mid-flight giggles. It’s very addictive. Meanwhile Enzo demands a daily dose of ‘Big Bad Belly’. This involves a few frantic circuits of the house with me chasing him. So, I’m still getting my cardio fix but it’s different. My beautiful titanium-and-carbon-fibre racebike hangs sadly on the wall in the study, slowly gathering dust. I’ve stopped looking longingly at it. Well, almost.

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