I have received some criticism regarding the pregnancy suit that I am wearing. Mostly saying that carrying added weight does not touch on real pregnancy.

Wait a second I say, there is more to it than that. Here are the facts.

• Body weight gain of 30 or 33 pounds (2 sizes)
• Pregnant profile of enlarged breasts and protruding abdominal belly
• Change in physical and personal self-image continuous pressure on the abdomen and internal organs
• Postural changes of the back with an increase in lordosis or “pelvic tilt”
• Shift in one’s center of gravity; low backache
• Mild “fetal” kicking and stroking movements
• Shallow breathing capacity and shortness of breath increase in body temperature, pulse and blood pressure
• A flushing sensation and increased perspiration
• Awkwardness in all body movements
• Pressure on the bladder, with increased sense of urgency and frequency of urination
• Increased fatigue, slowed pace and restricted activity
• Changes in sexual self-image and abilities

I would never pretend that we are getting the real experience, not even close. BUT much more than most think. Now you know.

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