3 weeks trapped in this suit has given me plenty of time to reflect. I’ve never celebrated mother’s day in the past. My parents raised us with a good wholesome and uncommercialised existence and void of most of the trappings of modern life such as television. Ironically this led me straight into a career in advertising.  My mother told me recently that we once cleaned the kitchen for her on Mother’s Day. What sweet little boys we were.  She then added that the motivation was not appreciation for her selflessly toiling away for us, but one of hunger: the sooner the kitchen was clean the faster we’d be fed. My mother was pregnant for 2.5 years as she popped out 3 boys one after the other.  She juggled being a mother, working as a teacher and her passions (horses, farming and acting) with joy. It was life – no doubt exhausting but colourful like life should be. As children our lives were spent outdoors, independent and free. Muddy but happy. And for that I’m very grateful.

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