So there’s been a few suggestions, insinuations and casual remarks by members of the public, the odd member of family (Alex N), friends (Sophie C) and the French lady on The World Service Woman’s Day debate (I forget her name), that even after a month of lugging around these bellies day and night, the 3 pregnant dads haven’t suffered enough and that we should be subjected to the full horrors of a labour pain simulator as a fitting finale and to squeeze out a an extra squirt of empathy for the pregnant woman. For those unacquainted with this frankly medieval machine, it involves attaching a set of electrodes to the abdominal muscles and then discharging a bolt of electricity to cause sudden contractions, massive widespread pain and the occasional involuntary discharge. Nothing that millions of mothers haven’t endured since time began. Before you get too excited though, we’d need to gauge whether there is a general consensus for this finale or a just few isolated (and wholly sadistic) cases. So vote with your like button on The Book of Everyone Facebook page. If the total likes is more than 6000 by Friday then it’s labour pain for the 3 pregnant dads. If there’s less than 6000 likes on Friday we’ll settle for a natural birth in a jacuzzi with bottle of Champagne. You decide.

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