So I very sensibly turned to the internet for a few tips:

1.Everything is harder on your body so celebrate the small victories – and ask for help. Paid a visit to the chiropractor and had seven vertebrae realigned. Celebrated with a beer.

2.Savor the time your baby is in your belly… it’s almost over! Love you but the minute this is over it’s back in your suitcase and onto ebay to find you a new home.

3.Keep yourself occupied. Went to the Barcelona government to apply for a tech grant for The Book of Everyone. Gave a gaggle of  middle-aged female clerks a free feel of my belly and grope of my breasts. I hope I did enough.

4.Start nesting. Took the rubbish out. Stocked the fridge for the big day.

5. Put a waterproof pad underneath your fitted sheet. It’s already there.

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