I feel like the morning after a rugby match. I have aches in my back and sore shoulders. I certainly didn’t expect this after only one afternoon wearing the pregnancy suit. My whole body is adjusting to my new portly physique.
Real pregnancy is a gradual process rather than being thrown right into the deep end with a 35 pounder. Am feeling that this is a little unfair.
My wife wasn’t as sympathetic as I anticipated when I called her to wish her a Happy Valentines. I wonder whether this is because she is not here to witness my ordeal and this makes it difficult for her to comprehend what I am embarking on.
I reflect on the fact that I was working for much of her pregnancy and perhaps she felt very much alone at that time also? maybe I should have given her more mental support to her during the months that she was pregnant with our son.
I think this will be a whole month of reflection for better or for worse.

There has been lots of talk about my putting on a full term pregnancy suit for a month. Friends, family and loved ones have all given their opinion, some think I won’t manage it, some think it will be easy, too easy, like I should get piles, raging hormones, fat ankles and that the bulk should be pressing on my interior organs. When I tell them that I’m doing it in an attempt to do something different for Mother’s day, they think it’s daft, brilliant or pointless. My good friend Stevie Woods suggested that I just buy my mum flowers. And for me that’s kind of the point, I’ve bought my Mum flowers for the last 3 decades. Sometimes you can only show someone how much you love them by doing something daft, pointless and difficult. And Mum, I do love you.