Having initially received a mixed bag or reactions from horror, surprise to hysterics from the community around work. We now seem to be very much accepted now and regularly receive sympathetic smiles. I was even offered a chair when I was in the local printers.

Some of our providers from London had flown in for a meeting with us. I had not warned them that we would be looking a little larger than normal. Once again, after the initial bemusement they actually said that they had almost forgotten that we were pregnant by the time they had left. That may have been the Cognac in their coffee at lunch though.

I certainly seem to be feeling more at one with my pregnancy suit now, I think my body has got over its initial protest and has been forced into submission.

Woke quite early thinking about the relatively simple household chores that I promised my wife I would do whilst she was away.

My son spends much of his time scaling the stairs in my house, which are a bit precarious. I have struggled with them in the past after a night on the town.
I bought a stair gate and have not got round to assembling it yet. The instructions were impossible to read, I spent much of my morning laying it all out on the floor and cursing the manufacturer.
I sat in a sulky heap with a thousand screws and plastic bits surrounding me.
I managed to figure it out in the end and with much grunting and sighing it is now in place.
The relatively simple chores have become mammoth tasks and I decide to call it a day. The thought of wallpapering my son’s bedroom is giving me a panic attack.

Hello is anyone there?

It is the first weekend that I will spend alone in the flat since being pregnant. I tried to have a lie in but was overheating and had lost feeling in my arms. The circulation had been cut off and I now felt like I not only have a foreign body attached to my front but to each side now.

The buzz of the office and banter that goes with it is now replaced with an uncomfortable silence. Started to really miss my wife and son and the wonderful chaos that he brings to my life.

Sat on the loo reading my book and discovered that I had run out of loo paper. Why now?

Showered and headed to the shop to get the necessities. Found a mega pack of giant sized loo rolls, 36 in total and dwarfs my belly in size. I did feel a bit self-conscience carrying them though as I waddled back to my house.

Had everyone round to my house this morning for the official start of our pregnancy term.

Steve, his wife Kate and son Saul turned up first. Steve armed with a bottle of Cava and a nervous grin.

Jonny and family called to say they were running late as there was a half marathon blocking their way to my house. Jonny had considered doing the marathon in his pregnancy suit. Quite sure he is relieved that he had not committed to that now.

I had tried to connect with my wife and son in Singapore but couldn’t get through. Am guessing they were preparing for Chinese New Year.

Got a real sense of being alone on this now as each family rally around their pregnant dads.

I turned in early and attempted to find the sweet spot for a fine nights sleep. I started on my back but the dumbbell inside my pregnant belly slapped against my Cava filled bladder with every move I made.   Can this be what my wife went through? Actually given how busy my little boy is, I suspect this is exactly what she went through. She is a tougher girl than I am.

I feel like the morning after a rugby match. I have aches in my back and sore shoulders. I certainly didn’t expect this after only one afternoon wearing the pregnancy suit. My whole body is adjusting to my new portly physique.
Real pregnancy is a gradual process rather than being thrown right into the deep end with a 35 pounder. Am feeling that this is a little unfair.
My wife wasn’t as sympathetic as I anticipated when I called her to wish her a Happy Valentines. I wonder whether this is because she is not here to witness my ordeal and this makes it difficult for her to comprehend what I am embarking on.
I reflect on the fact that I was working for much of her pregnancy and perhaps she felt very much alone at that time also? maybe I should have given her more mental support to her during the months that she was pregnant with our son.
I think this will be a whole month of reflection for better or for worse.